Hawthorn Buddy Bench
Our Buddy Bench is here!  Last year, one of our students, Mackenzie Bristol, approached her teacher with an idea.  She wanted to make sure that students here at Hawthorn always had a friend, and wanted to work towards making that happen.  She approached administration with the idea of a Buddy Bench.  We loved the idea and had her pitch her idea to our PTO.  Mackenzie didn't just stop there.  She felt that students would love the bench even more if they had a part in getting one, so she organized a Penny Drive last year.  The students of Hawthorn raised over $1,000 towards the goal, making Mackenzie's dream a reality.  Today, we celebrated the grand opening of our Buddy Bench, with Mackenzie cutting the ribbon.  This is just one story of the many types of leaders we have here, and the amazing things our Hawks can do when inspired to make a change in the world.