In an effort to ensure student safety and help facilitate a smooth arrival and dismissal, please review our procedures for arrival and dismissal, stated below.  I have attached two pictures of our parking lot, highlighting the direction of traffic.  Notice all of our buses will park along the sidewalk.  For arrival, we ask that cars drive all the way down the loop, and circle back through the parking lot.  Staff will be at the crosswalk to help unload students and help them cross safely.  Once the buses leave the lot, staff will reroute traffic along the sidewalk to continue unloading.  As you move along the drop-off line, please remain to the right-hand side of the lane; this allows our buses to pull onto the lot as well.
For dismissal, cars will be routed much the same way.  However, we will hold cars at the brown fence until all our buses leave the lot.  Once our buses are off campus, we will dismiss car riders.  Traffic will move along the sidewalk, where our staff will help load vehicles.  Please have your student sign displayed prominently for our staff.  This helps to ensure our students are loading in the correct vehicle and keeps the line moving smoothly.