District Assessment Plan

District Assessment Plan

The superintendent or designee shall ensure that the district has a written assessment plan that shall test competency in the subject areas of English, reading, language arts, science, mathematics, social studies and civics, as required by law. The purposes of the districtwide assessment plan are to facilitate and provide information for the following:

1. Student Achievement - To produce information about relative student achievement so that parents/guardians, students, and teachers can monitor academic progress.

2. Student Guidance - To serve as a tool implementing the district’s student guidance program.

3. Instructional Change - To provide data which will assist in the preparation of recommendations for instructional program changes to:

a. Help teachers with instructional decisions, plans and changes regarding classroom objectives and program implementation;

b. Help the professional staff formulate and recommend instructional policy; and

c. Help the Board of Education adopt instructional policies.

4. School and District Assessment - To provide indicators of the progress of the district and individual schools toward established goals.

5. Accreditation – To ensure the district maintains accreditation.