Heart Heroes Kids Heart Challenge 2019
Heart Heroes Kids Heart Challenge 2019
Posted on 11/01/2019
Heart artwork with a heartbeat pulse graph laying over top itDid you know? 
According to the American Heart Association, "less than 1% of Americans have ideal heart health?" 

By partnering with the AHA, Hawthorn Physical Education teachers "hope to establish physical and emotional heart-healthy habits" in all our students starting today helping provide them with a foundation for a healthy and successful future!" 

During this program our Hawks will learn the "Five for Life Heart-Healthy Habits," pledge to improve their own health,
and participate in a community service project that focusing on character building and teaching empathy all the while raising donations for this amazing lifesaving mission!

If you haven't had a chance to register your child for this year's Kids Heart Challenge, you can do so by visiting the KidsHeartChallenge website. Once registered you and your child will then choose a challenge kicking off their own part of this fundraising event and earning them a FREE buildable wristband. 

For every dollar raised, our school gets closer to reaching it's goal to acquire FREE equipment to use in P.E. Class each week.