Helpful Hawks
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Hawthorn students helping others in their time of need. 
This Helpful Hawk spotlight of the month goes to first grader Landon Martin and principal Marc Schultz for going outside the walls of Hawthorn Elementary and  Missouri borders to make a difference in the lives of others. This first grader has one big heart and his heart is helping to change his world through the generosity of family, friends, and strangers, and Landon's determination to help those in need. Recently, Landon petitioned Hawthorn principal Marc Schultz for the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of Hurricane Florence victims by raising money to help those in need. In an effort to empower and enable young leaders at Hawthorn to impact their community and the world they live in, Mr. Schultz approved Landon's request and supported him every step of the way. From planning the fundraising, to determining the final goal and the process for raising the funds and rewarding givers, a first grader has led his school in making a positive impact in the lives of families he's only seen in the news. 
The goal for Hurricane Florence fundraiser was $1,000, but thanks to all of the amazing Hawks here at Hawthorn Elementary that goal has not only been surpassed, but has more than doubled with a current total exceeding $2,700.00! Way to go Hawthorn Hawks, you guys really do rock!
Thanks to everyone for their amazing hard work we now have not one, but two upcoming PJ days.
Thursday, October 11th, and Wednesday, October 31st. 
Bring on the jammies, friends, as we celebrate the learning, leadership, and citizenship happening here at Hawthorn!